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Friendship Advice

Friendship Advice

In need of some friendly advice?? I would like to help you with supportive advice on any variety of personal matters which you may have questions. As an unbiased friend, who has gone through my fair share of life experiences, I will share with you my concern and honest opinion. Please email me with your questions

What to do?

dear kat, one of my best friends keep stealing from me, make up, my clothes,some of which are brand new. I’m really upset I have confronted her but it still continues. Lana Dear Lana….Sit down with her again, tell her that you don’t want to lose her as a friend but this has to STOP!! […]

On the right track!

question: “Kat, I need advice. I have a friend that always seems to repeat the same self destructive behavior. She always dates guys who end up breaking her heart. I keep telling her that they aren’t good enough for her. How can I get her to find better boys?” ~Sarah Advice: Some people unfortunately have […]